The Last Man

White flight is caused by state-subsidized diversity, and this process forms the bedrock of suburbia. Its the only form of ethnic cleansing where it is socially acceptable to blame the victims. Whites have two choices. Door number one is becoming a minority in a racially fractured, economically stratified, and crowded urban community. Door number two is moving to a newer but more transitory community of people like oneself, who are also seeking escape. Many opt for the latter. They cut whatever local ties they have left (as others have already moved) and relocate somewhere with even fewer connections. Sometimes more than once. People find themselves with fewer and fewer links to the family and friends they grew up with in “the old neighborhood.” Every generation has to start almost from scratch, in a community where many others are doing exactly the same thing, tucked away from the commercial and public spaces of human activity into a world of unprecedented parallel isolation. This only increases the tendency towards individualism and defining oneself through consumption of goods, because what else is there? You don’t have the multi-generational family businesses, churches, political leaders, etc. that you’d have in a more stable village or neighborhood society. Suburbs are just well-constructed refugee camps for White people. Whites have been driven from the cities as a result of slow-boiling ethnic conflict. Their families and communities have been broken up by dislocation, and they can’t go back. They take refuge in prefab neighborhoods where no one has foots deeper than a generation or more than a few kinsmen. They are rationalizing people, so they tell themselves moving away is moving up. The place left behind was going “bad” so it had to be abandoned. So the suburb is a refugee camp. If hostiles breach the trenches, the defenders must drive them back, or else the position will have to be abandoned for safety. Fall back to the next line of defense. If a neighborhood gets saturated with vibrant, it has to be abandoned because defense is illegal. Fall back to the next suburb. This is where the last man is currently being raised. This is his world and his ambitions are woefully small.