Permanent Record

[review of Permanent Record (2019), by Edward Snowden]
First things first, Snowden is a hero. He revealed the evil eye of Sauron of the United States Empire and how it spies, manipulates and uses the digital life of all world citizens against them, if it needs to. I am, and will always be, deeply grateful to Snowden, but I am disappointed with his autobiography. Unfortunately, many chapters of Permanent Record feel like an Hollywood political correct script. I did like his philosophical considerations about freedom, digital data and privacy, but the constant embellishment and dramatization of his personal and family life almost make his whistleblower revelations seem just like a side note. I was expecting more personal and insightful reflections about the surveillance systems he revealed. And some revelations about the institutions Snowden worked for are just distasteful and don’t bring any value to the conversation; I would never reveal some organizational aspects of my former employers and I never worked for anything remotely secret.