Security Layers

First, the bad news. You can’t do anything about the top layer. The secret services, spy agencies, Deep State, will always know everything about you. They have access to the databases, to the hardware unique identifiers, to the network operators metadata, to the cloud data centers, to the on premises servers backdoors… So they can cross all the data and catch you. And if you are really threatening them or their interests, they will just bomb your house with a drone and blame it on a domestic gas explosion. This is where our Big Money overlords rule and you can’t escape their power.

Now, the good news. You can do something about the two bottom layers. You must have digital hygiene, discipline and be proactive to achieve it though. First, imagine if a cop or border agent stops you and asks for your phone, unlocked. You can always refuse of course but through violence, and even torture, they can indeed get the accesses they want from you. So you mustn’t have any application or data in your phone that compromises you. Always prefer the web mobile pages and not the applications. If you have an email, archive the important emails in an offline storage, delete the others and always have only the absolutely essential emails that you need. The same thing for your photos or digital documents. If you have accounts in Big Tech like Twitter or Facebook, always have an official account, connected to your personal email and phone, but where you keep it to the bare minimum. Consider it your fake “good boy” persona. Open different accounts with different alias, using random phone numbers that you bought only for this purpose, where you join political and other groups, and leave your opinions. This accounts are disposable and you should regularly open new ones and forget about the old ones.

In a Age where Big Media and Big Tech in the Western world impose a political and social ideology, you have to be extra careful if you don’t follow their mantras. Even you if don’t bring your phone in your travels or when you go out take a coffee, don’t forget that the Justice system of your country can demand your information from Big Tech anytime, and without any justification. The fight against terrorism or “hate speech” have created many loopholes. So, also change regularly your official accounts, change your email, change your phone and delete the accounts. When you delete a Google account you aren’t only deleting the data but also your shadow, the AI algorithm that Google and others created to ask and receive questions about you. Everything about you.