Biden, The Kneeler

Trump was the last sparkler of White America. And maybe, of the White World. He is a bafoon that believes in the homo economicus above everything: all is solved through the economy, salaries and purchase power. He has no notions of ethnicity, culture and tribe. But nevertheless, he was the last hope of White America, the last hope of holding up to power, dignity, resources and, ultimately, survival. And by White America, I mean half of White America. There is a split in the ethnicity, between those committing mass suicide, and voted Biden, and those trying to survive, and voted Trump. I don’t consider the first ones as part of the White world, but instead of the citizens of the world cult.
The anti-White Woke establishment empowered by Obama and embodied by Hillary Clinton was caught off guard in 2016, but not in 2020. There has never been an election in any truly democratic country in which the liberal establishment (also known as the Globalist Left) has been so viciously, relentlessly opposed to one of the candidates and vilified him at every possible moment for four years. Every day, every hour, for four long years. It is not simply that Donald Trump received the endorsement from not a single top-dollar US newspaper. Nor that the supposedly neutral CNN just like the BBC was wildly antipathetic to the Republican cause. Trump also had to put up with social media waging war against him, Twitter pulling his comments because it considered them unfactual (never happened before) and Facebook removing whole posts from Trump supporters because, of course, they went against their community standards. Given the undisguised and continual hostility from the liberal establishment in the media, Big Media, and on social media, Big Tech, the average White US voter must have wondered: do I really have any choice? Everybody hates this man. It became in the end no choice at all.

The Biden office begun with the Obama presidency, as his vice president. Obama wasn’t a post-racial president, he was a post-White one. Indeed, the first Black president. In a 2009 skit from The Daily Show, John Stewart opened the skit by announcing that “President Obama was elected on a message of change. But is that change good for everyone?” Light-skinned Black Larry Wilmore adopted the role of reporter, introducing one set of Americans at risk: “There is one group of Americans who are now facing the biggest challenge in their history: White people.” This “once proud race” faces dispossession at the hands of Blacks, Asians “and most rapidly, Latinos” (the transition being represented in the skit by White minivans being replaced by Black cars, Asian motorcycles and low-rider Mexican American cars). In a faux-serious interview, Wilmore faces a group of eight White children and tries to make them understand that their future is bleak. The children are not only in denial about their prospects, they positively welcome the coming change. Again, some Whites do see and acknowledge this war on Whites. For example, American Renaissance ran a good article about a woman who experienced this through raising her son. In Motherhood Changed the Way I See Race she wrote: Over the past 20 years I have raised the most reviled creature on the planet — a healthy white male, my son. It was only after he was born that I began to fully notice the relentless propaganda of the mainstream media, and how it promotes miscegenation and presents men like my son as bumbling weak fools. I saw how our people’s history is appropriated and manipulated in arts and entertainment, and how our nation’s heroes are twisted and discredited — their monuments torn down and replaced. I’ve shopped for children’s books and been unable to find one with a protagonist who was a positive example of a white male. I’ve filled out countless college and scholarship applications only to find that opportunities for white males are reduced or blocked entirely — regardless of his good grades and impressive test scores. Each one of these things, combined with my experiences at work, pushed me toward the truth about which race is truly disenfranchised and oppressed in our country. It was a realization that fully awoke the protective mothering instincts inside me. [Edmund Connelly (2020)]
In his 2020 memoirs, The Promised Land, Barack Obama directly ties Trump’s victory to racism, something he says had been “lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party” for some time. “It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted. For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety,” writes Obama. But he went even further during the promotion his book, this time clearly putting out in the open his distaste and racism against white males at a radio show: “The question is though that you still had seventy million people voting for a government that I would say objectively has failed miserably in handling just basic looking after the American people and keeping them safe. Why is that? Well, part of it is because it turns out politics is not just about policies. It’s about the stories that are being told. The story that they are hearing from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and in some cases inside their churches. You’ve seen created in Republican politics this sense that white males are victims, they are the ones who are like under attack. Which obviously doesn’t jive with both history and data and economics. That’s a sincere belief. That’s a story that is being told. How you unwind, that is something that is not going to be done right away. It’s going to take some time.” Obama failed to explain how decades of quotas, affirmative action and “diversity” that discriminated, and discriminate, against white males and deny them jobs, education and social support, doesn’t make them indeed, victims of the US State.
But what can we expect from a Biden presidency? Biden has given us all the signs that he’s going to implement the Critical Social Justice bureaucratic totalitarianism. He is using the language of the ideology, like saying he has a “mandate” from the voters to take on “systemic racism,” and tapping individuals like Mehrsa Baradaran (who believes in full reparations) for the Treasury Department and Margaret Salazar (whose focus is on “cultural responsiveness”) for Housing and Urban Development. These come among roughly 500 more appointments to his administrative bureaucracy who allegedly express a commitment to racial justice, in line with precisely the racial equity programs touted by Biden and Harris on their campaign and now transition websites. What can we expect from these administrators under Biden? Equity. Equity is intended to be brought into roughly every sector of the federal government, from education to jobs to banking to climate policy to public health—which will, itself, be used as a rather potent lever against the people. Equity is the adjustment of shares of resources in a society so as to make people or groups of people equal when certain disparities of outcomes exist. Equity is both the measuring stick and functional opposite of “systemic racism,” which is to say that which Critical Race Theory believes is the cause of all racial disparities that do not favor blacks, some Latinos (but not others), and members of other non-white races (under certain conditions). In addition to skewing policy so that equity is a priority—indeed, Biden’s campaign website said that it will be achieved, which, in practice, will imply racial quotas, skewed admissions using diversity statements and other means, and other forms of redistribution of opportunities and resources, like preferential jobs investments into certain races but not others. [James Lindsay (2020)]
So against this joint front of Deep State, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Money, there wasn’t much Trump could do even if he wanted to. And there isn’t much White America can do. The following years will beginning the cycle of desperation, economic hardship, cultural eclipse, social repression: the ones not lost to suicide, drugs, alcohol, will be lost to existential depression and to the Uncle Tom syndrome, a desperate attempt to join the new civilization playing the servile role expected of a White person. In the post-White civilization, like the Jews in Medieval Europe, the strongest of the Whites will have to go underground, create their communities and survive. Maybe in a few decades, a new dawn will rise. A White dawn.

The IQ Problem

Jobs for people with IQs of less than 85 are very, very rare. So what the hell are those people supposed to do? It’s 15 percent of the population! Well, we better figure it out because one of the things that’s happening is that as the high IQ tech geeks get a hold of the world, the demand for cognitive power is increasing, not decreasing. It’s a problem that has to be dealt with. [Jordan Peterson – 2017 Personality 18: Biology & Traits: Openness/Intelligence/Creativity I]

Security Layers

First, the bad news. You can’t do anything about the top layer. The secret services, spy agencies, Deep State, will always know everything about you. They have access to the databases, to the hardware unique identifiers, to the network operators metadata, to the cloud data centers, to the on premises servers backdoors… So they can cross all the data and catch you. And if you are really threatening them or their interests, they will just bomb your house with a drone and blame it on a domestic gas explosion. This is where our Big Money overlords rule and you can’t escape their power.

Now, the good news. You can do something about the two bottom layers. You must have digital hygiene, discipline and be proactive to achieve it though. First, imagine if a cop or border agent stops you and asks for your phone, unlocked. You can always refuse of course but through violence, and even torture, they can indeed get the accesses they want from you. So you mustn’t have any application or data in your phone that compromises you. Always prefer the web mobile pages and not the applications. If you have an email, archive the important emails in an offline storage, delete the others and always have only the absolutely essential emails that you need. The same thing for your photos or digital documents. If you have accounts in Big Tech like Twitter or Facebook, always have an official account, connected to your personal email and phone, but where you keep it to the bare minimum. Consider it your fake “good boy” persona. Open different accounts with different alias, using random phone numbers that you bought only for this purpose, where you join political and other groups, and leave your opinions. This accounts are disposable and you should regularly open new ones and forget about the old ones.

In a Age where Big Media and Big Tech in the Western world impose a political and social ideology, you have to be extra careful if you don’t follow their mantras. Even you if don’t bring your phone in your travels or when you go out take a coffee, don’t forget that the Justice system of your country can demand your information from Big Tech anytime, and without any justification. The fight against terrorism or “hate speech” have created many loopholes. So, also change regularly your official accounts, change your email, change your phone and delete the accounts. When you delete a Google account you aren’t only deleting the data but also your shadow, the AI algorithm that Google and others created to ask and receive questions about you. Everything about you.

The Critical Race Theory Framework

  • Normal racism – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against an ethnic group or individuals because they are of a specific race.
  • Antisemitism – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against Jewish people’s or individuals because they have too much privilege, power or wealth.
  • Critical Race Theory – Dehumanize, attack or discriminate against White, and other “White adjacent”, people’s or individuals because they have too much privilege, power or wealth.

A Carpet of Sound

In almost every public place today the ears are assailed by the sound of pop music. In shopping malls, public houses, restaurants, hotels and elevators the ambient sound is not human conversation but the music disgorged into the air by speakers – usually invisible and inaccessible speakers that cannot be punished for their impertinence. For the most part, the prevailing music is of an astounding banality – it is there in order not to be really there. It is a background to the business of consuming things, a surrounding nothingness on which we scribble the graffiti of our desires. Whole areas of civic space in our society are now policed by this sound, which drives anybody with the slightest feeling for music to distraction, and ensures that for many of us a visit to the pub or a meal in a restaurant have lost their residual meaning. These are no longer social events, but experiments in endurance, as you shout at each other over the deadly noise. There are two reasons why this vacuous music has flown into every public space. One is the vast change in the human ear brought about by the mass production of sound. The other is the failure of the law to protect us from the result. For our ancestors music was something that you sat down to listen to, or which you made for yourself. It was a ceremonial event, in which you participated, either as a passive listener or as an active performer. With the advent of the gramophone, the radio and now the iPod, music is no longer something that you must make for yourself, nor is it something that you sit down to listen to. It follows you about wherever you go, and you switch it on as a background. It is not so much listened to as overheard. The banal melodies and mechanical rhythms, the stock harmonies recycled in song after song, these things signify the eclipse of the musical ear. For many people music is no longer a language shaped by our deepest feelings, no longer a place of refuge from the tawdriness and distraction of everyday life, no longer an art in which gripping ideas are followed to their distant conclusions. It is simply a carpet of sound, designed to bring all thought and feeling down to its own level lest something serious might be felt or said. And there is no law against it. You are rightly prevented from polluting the air of a restaurant with smoke; but nothing prevents the owner from inflicting this far worse pollution on his customers – pollution that poisons not the body but the soul. Background music is the default position. It is no longer silence to which we return when we cease to speak, but the empty chatter of the music-box. Silence must be excluded at all cost, since it awakens you to the emptiness that looms on the edge of modern life, threatening to confront you with the dreadful truth, that you have nothing whatever to say. [A Point of View: Why it’s time to turn the music off by Roger Scruton (2015)]

The European Mental Framework

Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs (2017)

Europeans and Westerners were not prepared for a world increasingly influenced by ideas and ideologies that originated in traditionalist non-Western cultures. Supposedly such cultures would already be modern and secular like the West, if the prophecy of the universal progress of humanity had been fully fulfilled. The European mental framework has already been overcome by reality, but its intellectual persistence is a huge obstacle to understanding the trends that are emerging in the contemporary world. Nowadays it is easy to see that the democratic and pluralist legal-constitutional edifice that was created in Europe was not thinking, nor was it prepared, to face a cultural-social and religious-political contest arising from non-Western ideas and ideologies. The Islamic attacks in recent weeks in France, which targeted both the teacher of a secular republican school (on the outskirts of Paris), and the sacristan and the faithful of a church (in Nice), leave no doubt about the frontal collision route between Islam and the French Republic. The terrain is particularly favorable to Islamists. On the one hand, they exploit the poor knowledge of what is not European and Western, as well as the guilt complexes in Europe due to the recent colonial past, whose wounds have not yet ended. On the other hand, they take advantage of the enormous demographic dynamism and youth of the people from the southern Mediterranean and other parts of the Islamic world. We do not know whether current generations of Europeans, out of indifference, neglect or misperception, will be willing to wage the long cultural, social and political struggles necessary to preserve what has been achieved at the cost of enormous sacrifices and loss of life in the past. (José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, 2020)

Egyptian President Gamal Adbel Nasser (1966)