The Twilight of White Britain

A hospital trust is believed to be the first in the country to protect its ethnic staff by giving them priority for the fitting of masks. Somerset Foundation Trust is treating all its black, Asian and minority ethnic staff as ‘vulnerable and at risk’ of coronavirus. In a letter to staff, the trust’s chief executive Peter Lewis said: ‘While we don’t yet have any conclusive research or national guidance, we feel that is the right approach to take. The letter said ethnic staff and their families will be able to access testing within the first five days of developing any symptoms, and any who require an FFP3 mask, which offers greater protection than a normal surgical mask, will be supported to be fit-tested as soon as possible. Yvonne Coghill, director of NHS England’s workforce race equality standard unit, tweeted ‘many should follow the lead of Somerset FT,’ describing the trust as ‘compassionate’ with strong leadership. [Daily Mail]
White people in Britain are second class citizens that can be left with no protective equipment or tests. This isn’t equality, it is an evil institucional racism against Whites that will ultimately culminate in their Genocide in the UK. After the grooming gangs of Rotherham targeting White girls, after the affirmative action and quotas that deny White people work and education, finally the death by health denial.

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