Globalism Kills

Dario Nardella is an Italian politician who has been the Mayor of Florence since 2014 and the first Metropolitan Mayor of Florence since 1 January 2015. On February 1, 2020, Nardella encouraged Italians to “hug a Chinese” in a bid to overcome xenophobia and racism in the wake of the Hubei COVID-19 epidemic. [Twitter] Many Italian netizens responded by posting photos of themselves with Chinese people. [Twitter]
At the other side of the Atlantic, in the 9th of February, the same idiocracy was taking place. Mark D. Levine, the chair of New York City Council health committee, appealed the population to join the Chinatown ceremony ahead of the Lunar New Year, saying “If you are staying away, you are missing out!” [Twitter]
Dr. Giorgio Palù, the former President of the European and Italian Society for Virologya and a Professor of Virology and Microbiology at the University of Padova, expressed concern over the Italian government’s inadequate response to the virus, a grave flaw that has continued since the onset of the outbreak, in a CNN interview. Currently, Italy is leading globally with over 6,000 deaths. He alleges the government was “lazy in the beginning… too much politics in Italy. There was a proposal to isolate people coming from the epicenter, coming from China. Then it became seen as racist, but they were people coming from the outbreak.” Even according to the leftist CNN, fear of being viewed as racist “led to the current devastating situation.” [The National Pulse]
Meanwhile Africa denounces the “white disease”.  The first country to have displayed reflections of mistrust, Senegal, where accusations specifically targeting France are flourishing. As of March 4, shamelessly forcing the statistics, the daily L’Évidence argued that the (two) cases of coronavirus were ” all foreigners ” and headlined on the ” coronization ” of France by Senegal, after the ” economic colonization ”, which itself had succeeded the“ slave trade ”. Same findings in several other countries. Insults in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, incidents against press correspondents in Ethiopia … In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a Frenchman detained for more than a week testified to Le Figaro of a ” climate of insecurity ” and even considers his life ” in danger “. “ I had to stay here three days for professional reasons. Since the borders were closed, we have been abandoned by looters and attackers of all kinds, ”explains the man. ” Here, people coming back from Europe, white or black, we are called the Coronaviruses “. If the racial distinction between importers of the virus and ” innocent ” victims is not always made, the existence of a specific racism against whites and Asians is however attested. According to the media Voice Of Africa , ” attacks and insults on foreigners, especially white or Chinese, have increased significantly ” in the past week.  [Le Figaro]
Meanwhile in Timor-Leste, Portuguese teachers were attacked and threatened in the city of Baucau. They are accused by some residents of being responsible for having taken the COVID19 to that country and ten of the twelve refugee teachers have already asked the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for urgent repatriation. On Saturday, a Timor citizen entered the teachers’ house in Baucau, assaulting a teacher, while another was also the target of an attempted aggression while travelling on public transport. Stones were also thrown at the house where they lived. There are also reports of verbal aggression, with the Portuguese being called “coronas” on the streets. [Publico]
Meanwhile in Angola, a list of names, phone numbers and addresses of citizens from Portugal arriving in Luanda is being disseminated on social networks in Angola and there are Portuguese afraid to go out on the street because they are seen as being blamed for the introduction of the disease in the country. A 50-year-old woman was assaulted in a supermarket in Luanda, she suffered a head injury and had to receive hospital care. Coming from Santarém, the education assistant at the Portuguese School of Luanda had been in Angola since January, not being one of the cases that had to comply with mandatory quarantine. The case was reported by a colleague of the victim, teacher at the same school, who prefers to remain anonymous and confesses fear in leaving the house for already being constantly insulted in the street. “Go away …, you brought the disease, go to your house”. The professor considers that since Saturday there is a climate of great animosity against the Portuguese and blames the government for “asking Angolans to denounce those who enter Angola and do not comply with the mandatory quarantine”. “Moments after the announcement of the first infected, the list began to be shared on social networks”, he laments. [JN]
Globalism Kills. We live in a Globalist Western Europe, open for everyone and everything. And that’s the root problem. There are many European citizens, not only politicians, that don’t want to close borders because it will “hurt the European community”. It is a disease, an ideological psychological disease, and it left all the Western Europe exposed to serious pathogens like COVID19. This is the normal. collapse of a civilisation that didn’t want to survive anyway, its Black Swan.

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