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Rachel McKinnon, 37, is pictured left alongside her fellow female competitors

Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist who won her second world title at the 2019 Masters Track World Championships in Manchester, accused the woman in second place, Dawn Orwick, of “poor sportsmanship” for refusing to link arms with her on the World Championship podium. McKinnon said: “Third place, Kristen, wore my ‘sport is a human right’ sticker as a sign of solidarity. Second place kept her distance and put her hand behind her back as her own sign.” Dawn Orwick hasn’t spoken out against McKinnon’s win or made a comment about transgender athletes competing against women who were born female.

Other women who have been beaten by McKinnon have also said she has an unfair advantage. The woman who placed third on Saturday, Danish cyclist Kirsten Herup Sovang, has said she fully supports McKinnon’s win. [MailOnline (2019)]


Existem cinco características que são perigosas num general:

  • Disposto a morrer: pode ser morto.
  • Determinado a sobreviver: pode ser capturado.
  • Irascível: pode ser insultado.
  • Inseguro: pode ser humilhado.
  • Complacente: pode ser desrespeitado.

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