The Royle Family

I would like to leave this city
This old town don’t smell too pretty and
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

So what do you say?
You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway
Half the world away, half the world away
Half the world away
I’ve been lost, I’ve been found but I don’t feel down

[“Half the World Away”, Oasis (1994)]

The End of WASP America

After I saw the Knives Out (2019, Directed by Rian Johnson) trailer, I became curious and I went to see it. The trailer showed a classical Agatha Christie whodunit unrolling in a traditional Cluedo mansion. It seemed fun. But at the end of the movie, I knew I had just saw US Liberal propaganda. So I immediately checked out who was the director… Of course, Rian Johnson. First, I was angry with myself for giving money to this guy, but now, more coldly, I kind of admire him. I admire how subversive the movie is and how effectively passes the subliminal message.
First, it isn’t a whodunit, that’s just the stage, the pretext, the excuse to make this movie and sell it. It is instead a metaphor about the demographic replacement of the WASP’s (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) by South Americans immigrants. This is why the liberal establishment like The Guardian or The Atlantic loved the movie: it plays directly into theirs subconscious, theirs sociological views and theirs desires. Rian Johnson is playing with the social tensions and obsessions of today’s USA. The last scene of the movie reveals the purpose: the Latino took over the house (aka, the USA) from the WASP’s (aka, White America). Or more specifically, the old WASP man gave the house to the good hearted Latino woman deliberately. That’s why so many people liked the movie subconsciously: White Liberals because they desire that, Latinos because they dream of it, and many others because they just don’t like Whites.
Now, I have to say that the movie also portrays the ongoing low-intensity civil war going on in White America. It is not just a White vs Others rhetoric, there is also a reflection about White America. It is being teared apart by “nazis” and “sjw’s”, by “open borders” and “legal immigration”… Whites have become lazy, pretentious, spoiled… The old White man wouldn’t have it, his family needed a lesson for their own good. They needed to start again, work hard as he has done and earn their wealth. Maybe Rian Johnson is thinking of redemption here and sending a message to White America to get their “shit together”.
The question is, why so many people don’t grasp the true message? Because the cast of the South American immigrant was brilliant: a White woman. If the hero was a Brown or Black woman, it would be pretty obvious. People would still have liked it, the liberal establishment would have praised it, but it would be like other propaganda movies, obvious. The audience just saw White people fighting each other and the “bad White people” loose. Rian Johnson even portrayed the evil guy as the typical White chad and the South American woman throws up when lying! It mercilessly mocks the audiences. The simple race swap was indeed enough and highly effective, according to the general critical and public appraisal and box office. Knives Out is subversion well done, definitely a genius move by Johnson, well played.

A Model

The world is concurrent.

Things in the world don’t share data.

Things communicate with messages.

Things fail.

Picture this model applied to us, humans. Humans are concurrent entities who do not share brains. They speak to each other through asynchronous messages, sometimes on top of each other. Humans receiving the message process them and store a copy of whatever they believe is relevant to them. And, sometimes, humans fail, but the ones around them continue with their assigned tasks whilst new humans are created, or the humans that failed are repaired. It is as simple as that! –