The Derangement Olympics

I regard the whole Northwestern United States to be among the global hubs of our present derangements. This week it emerged that Seattle ’s school board has decided even maths must be subjected to the same numbing and unthinking orthodoxy of our time. In particular that mathematics must – like everything else – be seen through the prism of racism and oppression. Thus as the Seattle Public Schools guidelines for maths education show, students in Seattle schools will be invited to consider questions such as “Where does Power and Oppression show up in our math experience?”, “How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to exist?” and “How has math been used to resist and liberate people and communities of color from oppression?” Elsewhere students will be invited to consider the following question, “Can you suggest resolutions to oppressive mathematical practices?”

The cleverer students will realise that there is a “correct” answer to the questions, whether or not those answers are true – as there is to every other question of our age. They’ll work out that the answer to every question posed by the Seattle authorities will always and everywhere be the same: “more diversity”.

But the problem is not with the smarter students, who like most smart people will always find a way to navigate around the lies and dogmas of their age, but the less intelligent applicants. A rather basic knowledge of maths would help such people and come in very handy in their lives: in ordering their finances, and working out their day-to-day interactions with others. If they do not pick up these basics at school, then it is highly unlikely that they will pick them up at some later stage, the education system offering the best chance anyone ever has to surpass their forebears.

It should, in theory, also offer them the chance to escape the ideological straitjackets of their time. How disturbing it is to learn that instead, even in a discipline like maths, students will be cocooned and imprisoned in the lies of their age rather than being given the chance to escape them

by Douglas Murray (2019), UnHerd

The West is dead. Political Correctness, Identity Politics, White Privilege, Multiculturalism, are all products of the West. Even if tomorrow we could erase all this ideologies, what guarantee do we have that we won’t do the exactly same mistakes again in a few decades or centuries later? This is our destiny, the natural unwind of our civilization. We lost Rome, the Empires and finally the Nations we created. The ones that reject the status quo, must go underground. Like the Jewish people in the last centuries, we need to create our institutions and survive in a world dominated by other cultures, like the Islamic and Chinese. We have to cooperate with them, learn how to live inside them and forget the Western ideal. 

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