Existential Exhaustion

In Le Souci Contemporain (1996), translated into English as Icarus Fallen, Chantal Delsol suggested that the condition of modern European man was the condition that Icarus would have been in had he survived the fall. We Europeans had kept trying to reach the sun, flew too close and hurtled back down to earth. We may certainly have failed, and we may be dazed, but we somehow survived: we are still here. All around us we have the wreckage – metaphorical and real – of all our dreams, our religions, our political ideologies and a thousand other aspirations, all of which in their turn have proved false. And though we have no more illusions or ambitions left, yet we are still here. So what do we do? [Douglas Murray (2017), The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Bloomsbury Continuum]

Alexey Kondakov takes figures from classical paintings and drops them into modern-day Kiev.

Will France still be French in 2015?

Le Figaro Magazine (1985)

In 2006 the Dutch Justice Minister, Piet Hein Donner, caused significant anger in the Netherlands when he suggested in an interview that if Muslims wished to change the law of the land to Sharia by democratic means (that is when Muslims were large enough in number), then they could do so. [Douglas Murray (2017), The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Bloomsbury Continuum]

Ponto de Situação

O Inimigo Público resumiu o nosso mundo e o nosso Portugal em três títulos:

Entretanto em Barcelona (2017), na manifestação de homenagem às 15 vítimas mortais e aos 100 feridos dos atentados Islâmicos feitos na cidade:


Guys, unless you are really hot you are probably better off not wasting your time on Tinder. This study was conducted to quantify the Tinder socio-economic prospects for males based on the percentage of females that will “like” them. It was determined that the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men. In addition, it was determined that a man of average attractiveness would be “liked” by approximately 0.87% (1 in 115) of women on Tinder.

Monica Bellucci in Malèna (2000), Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore