The Gilded Cage

(movie review of The Gilded Cage(2013), Directed by Ruben Alves)
A brilliant tribute to the 60’s and 70’s Portuguese generation that immigrated to France looking for a better life and in the process created one of Portugal’s most notorious subcultures. For me, La Cage Dorée is not just a good comedy full of stereotypes and funny lines, it is the history of my family and my country. The actors boldly embodied an entire generation: their devotion to work, their total commitment to the family, their art of staying unnoticed, theirs apparently “true French” offsprings but Portuguese at hearth and their dilemma if they should return to Portugal. The director Ruben Alves masterfully immortalized the fado’s voice “I accept everything from God, but when I die, I want to be in Portugal” (Amália Rodrigues, Prece). And to him I can only say, thank you.

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