Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

[review of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (2013), by Susan Cain]
Susan Cain, based on her personal experience and on an excellent research of the leading minds in behavior and personality, created an enlightenment reflection of today’s society obsession with the gregarious and loud lifestyle. As an introvert, I was amazed how Quiet resonated with my own experiences at school, work and social life and how assertive it portrayed the relation between over-stimulation and the need for solitude. It is a bold and necessary statement against the superstar blueprint: who did say that solitude and quietness aren’t paths to a fulfilling life?


If we are all rewriting our memories every time we recall an event, the memory exists not as a file in our brain but only as the most recent rewrite of a scenario. Every memoir is fabricated, and the past is nothing more than our last retelling of it. Archival memory data is mixed with whatever new information helps shape the way we think—and feel—about it. “My conclusion,” says Schiller, “is that memory is what you are now. Not in pictures, not in recordings. Your memory is who you are now.


Segundo os dados disponibilizados pela Ordem, no ano lectivo 2013/2014 há mais 21 vagas do que no anterior nos cursos de Enfermagem. “Considero uma falta de visão estratégica e de respeito pelos cidadãos e contribuintes portugueses, ainda mais neste momento de contenção económica tão necessária. Formar um enfermeiro custa aos contribuintes quatro anos de investimento que ronda cerca de 25 mil euros/ano para depois outros países suprirem da sua formação a custo zero”, condena o bastonário da OE, Germano Couto.

A assistência financeira portuguesa à Alemanha, Reino Unido e demais.


Os fascistas do “fascismo nunca mais” a intimidarem os eleitos do povo: um grupo de manifestantes ligados a vários sindicatos da função pública interrompeu os trabalhos no Parlamento, lançando papéis sobre os deputados.