Oh France

France is preparing to impose taxes on Apple and Google to finance the production of art, films and music in the country, in a move likely to worsen relations between business and Francois Hollande’s socialist government.

Celebrations to honour the French football club Paris Saint Germain’s first league title in 19 years had to be cut short following violent scenes in which fans fought with riot police, leaving 30 people injured and leading to 21 arrests.

Yahoo backed out of its deal to buy 75% of Dailymotion from main owner Orange/France Telecom after French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg intervened to stop the sale. “I won’t let you sell one of France’s best startups. You don’t know what you’re doing.”, Mr. Montebourg told. A whale can’t grow in an aquarium.

French citizens will contribute an extra 1.60 euros on their property insurance policies to help finance a fund for victims of the extremist attacks that have recently hit the country. French government officials, when they revealed the scheme, said that about 90 million insurance policies are floating the fund, which currently has reserves of 1.45 billion euros.

France, and how to do everything wrong.

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