Evangelion 3.33 Review

Evangelion 3.33 can’t be analysed without first watching the two previous Rebuild saga movies (1.11 and 2.22). The 2.22 ended in a climax, with the start of third impact triggered by Shinji’s love for Rei and his trusting relation with Misato, both fostered in 1.11. Now 3.33 starts in a world 14 years later where:
  • Rei no longer exists, and by that I mean Rei 2.22, because there is indeed a pool full of Rei’s. So Shinji is back to square one: the Shinji we know from the original 26 episodes;
  • Misato and the crew left NERV and set up their own organization to fight… NERV. With the help of an eva corpse attached to a flying ark. Who finances them? Where’s their base? What have happen in the last 14 years? Why Misato now totally ignores Shinji?
  • NERV still exists and stills creates evas, but apparently no one is there: a massive engineer and technological operation with no living soul. Was the budget all spent in the fighting scenes? All the rich scenery made in 2.22 unfortunately is lost;
  • Asuka is reduced to a fighting warrior and all the complex questions of her soul no longer are important. By the way, Mari does what she had done in 2.22: nothing;
  • Kaworu is introduced and spends 5 minutes saying how much he needs Shinji and he will make him happy: all they have to do is entering an eva together. Seconds after being in the eva, Kaworu no longer thinks it is a good idea and dies.
The final scene is the redemption of Hideaki Anno: Rei, Asuka and Shinji together again in a post-third impact world. It ended how it should have begun. A plot with too much new information (and the Evangelion universe doesn’t lack it), too few explanations, characters with too few time to build their personas and relationships, Shinji alone again (with no hope and friends). And what about the angels and impacts? Well, never mind…
Amazing state of art animation and compelling animation aren’t enough: a good writing is indeed needed. 

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