The Book of Disquiet

[review of The Book of Disquiet (1982), by Fernando Pessoa, published by Serpent’s Tail (2010)]
The Book of Disquiet isn’t a book, but a collection of fragmented, and with no chronological coherence, notes about Fernando Pessoa disturbed and painful voyage through the material world, his soul and his I. Pessoa rejected science because everything is an illusion and through his emotions, sensations and rationality describes the very essence of the human soul and the meaningless of Life. This book is an all time literature masterpiece and will make its readers question every feeling that they have, because “Life is what we make of it. Travels are travelers. What we see is not what we see but what we are.” As a reader of the original Portuguese version, I strongly recommend this English translation because it keeps the essence of the original and its gloomy and disturbed atmosphere.